Saturday, March 26, 2016

March 26. From Chicago to Toronto, across the vast whiteness of northern Canada and the ice-crusted arctic circle, over the Pacific and then to Beijing, there was always a blue horizon. We had followed the sun west to China!

After a surprisingly pleasant Air Canada flight, minus the delays due to a Canadian ice storm, we made it to China. Complementary airport pickup from our lovely Red Wall Garden hotel....there was Jackie, waiting for us. Hurray!

I do a fare share of planning for trips, but the blessing we are having with weather could be nothing more than an act of God....the pollution index is reduced in Beijing to 25, comparable to Chicago, after a winter of up to a dangerous 500. Specifically,  I think God just wants me to be able to take good photos! Ha! Jeez, I hope this is a spoiler alert!  Anyway, in addition to no smog, we got upper 60s yesterday,  low 70s for next several days and nothing but blue skies and sunshine.  Yeah, baby!

Welcome to the Red Wall Garden Hotel in Beijing!

Love the geometric designs


  1. In Mexico they say "Don't drink the water". In China "Don't eat the candy"

    Send a picture of Tom with beer in hand.

  2. Trust me, JY, he has had a few beers! They serve email warm in the restaurants, though.