Sunday, April 10, 2016


Of course, the most wonderful thing about going to China was seeing Jackie and checking out her life here. We visited her school, and we were book-readers and monsters with the kids, and Jackie is an amazing teacher! The Chinese staff all love her...of course!

 "Jakay," the most awesomely scary teacher ever!!
Good parents hop right in..... :)

Then we went with co-workers to a noodle shop down the street. Amazingly good, for the outrageous price of $1.20 for more than we could eat. Chopsticks and noodles, a little tricky. Slurping the soup? Okay until Tom accidently drops the bowl, sending up a fountain of broth. The other Chinese customers, already amazed that we were there, in a city with little diversity, probably thought "Ha! Those can't take em out!" :)

Jackie showed us around Zhengzhou, like a good hostess daughter. We had great hot pot, which is served with two types of boiling broth, then you add in your chosen items. Will be fun to try at home with friends.

Tuesday night is trivia night at Zax BBQ, so we got some yummy western food, and got to meet her ex-pat friends (from the US, England, South Africa, Canada and other places!). What a fun group!!! 

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